At every point on her path to international acclaim, Susanne Regel has always followed her own course, one characterized by passion and supreme confidence in her musical abilities, coupled with a love of playing and artistic courage. She captivates her listeners with her musical dialogue, using the musical substance to create an experience of a few precious moments beyond the realm of the commonplace.

With a lightness of touch betraying the true virtuoso, the soloist expresses the full range of emotion in an aria by Bach, for example, from cheerful exhilaration to somber poignancy. With infectious joy, she gallops confidently through the fast movements of Italian oboe concertos before luxuriating in the unadorned beauty of a slow and stately adagio.

Employing a great rhetorical lucidity and the ability to clearly delineate musical structures, she makes the complex tapestry of Bach’s compositions instantly intelligible to her listeners and manages to bring the wit and rich variety in Telemann’s music to life.

For Susanne Regel, it is the oboe’s similarity to the human voice and its musical agility that contribute most to its especial charm. She “sings” the longer, slower musical lines and articulates other phrases so precisely, you can almost hear the exact words. Her playing is rich in variety and always in perfect harmony with the composer’s intentions. A musical dialogue emerges from her interactions with her vocal and instrumental partners, one in which the melodic lines come together, mingle, and then separate again with a spontaneity that never fails to fascinate, enthral and delight its audience.

Born in Freiburg, Susanne Regel embarked upon her concert career at the age of 20 as a solo oboist for the internationally acclaimed ensemble “Music Antiqua Köln”, conducted by Reinhard Goebel, and later moved on to other ensembles with whom she was a welcome guest performer on many of the world’s most celebrated musical stages. While still a young soloist, she performed at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Tchaikovsky Syhmphony Hall in Tokyo and many other highly renowned venues.

During these strenuous tours, her amazing precision, even after days of arduous travel, was especially striking. Her musical life is characterized by an unconditional passion for her art as well as the ability to, following intensive rehearsal periods, both integrate her own sound into the body of the ensemble and to take the lead as a soloist – and all this on an instrument that is only rarely heard in this role – the baroque oboe!

Besides her own scholarly research, Susanne Regel also creates new concert programs for a variety of ensembles, ranging from the most exquisite chamber music to works requiring a large orchestra. She is not afraid of transcending stylistic boundaries and discovering new ground. Every one of her solo performances, every one of her own interpretations of a musical work, states: “music is my life!”

“…an unerring sense of tempo and rhythm, beautiful tone and an elegantly smooth musical diction resulting directly from her technical flawlessness.
…this artist is constantly open to new and undiscovered works…: in short, a real stroke of luck.
…is rightly seen as Europe’s number one young baroque oboist”
Reinhard Goebel, conductor

“I have been working with Susanne Regel for over 15 years. During this time she has evolved into an inspiring personality; her musicality, her excellent technique, imaginativeness and communication skills have always been in evidence, no matter whether she plays the first oboe or as a solo concerto performer, an exceptional talent!”
René Jacobs, conductor

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